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Create your course advertisement

We have pre-selected recommended options to make your advertisement effective. To ensure coverage of our 64,000 members, your course advert needs to be in both Frontline Magazine and the online site.

Your website advertisement

Course / event details

Date and venue

The first date and venue is included in the base price of your web advert; each additional date and venue costs £28.

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Organiser details

More information about your course

Make your advertisement stand out

For £37,promote your course in the listing, add a background colour and add your logo.

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Promote your course to speciality (iCSP) networks

Choose your network(s) or uncheck this option before proceeding

List your course in one of our speciality networks and appear in its associated email bulletin. Additional bulletin promotions can also be purchased.

Your advertisement will appear in the first email bulletin after the chosen date. If you also pay for extra bulletins these will be the ones following the earliest send date.

Cost per network Select network Earliest bulletin send date Extra bulletins (+ £13) Clear

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Your Frontline magazine advertisement (optional)

Choose between a Display advertisement and a Lineage advertisement and get a discount on your website advertisement! You get £50 off if you add a display advertisement and £5 off if you add a lineage advertisement.

Example display advertisement

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Example lineage advertisement

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Complete the rest of the form to request your booking and to ensure your web advertisement. An adviser will then contact you to arrange your display advertisement in the magazine.


Payment is by invoice. A representative from our advertising agency will contact you to arrange this.

Booking multiple Frontline issues?

If you are booking advertisements in multiple issues of the magazine, tell us if you want to pay:

Credit details

If you have not advertised with us before, we'll need the following information to set up your credit account:

Check and book your advertisement

If you are happy with the information above, press the button below to continue. You will then be asked to confirm your advertisement and associated cost or you can edit it further before confirming.

Please also check the Terms of sale of our Advertising agency (opens in a new window).

Running cost

Excluding VAT


base price: £62